Greek tragedy

The horror, the horror…


My Big Fat Greek Wedding 2
Cert: 12A

BEING supposedly the highest grossing romantic comedy of all time, you’d be forgiven for wondering why it has taken 14 years to produce a sequel to My Big Fat Greek Wedding. If you went by interview snippets with writer and star Nia Vardalos, you might read between the mealy-mouthed lines and put it down to a dearth of worthy ideas or inspiration until now.

The 14-year gap however, should not be taken as a sign that extra care and attention has been spent fine-tuning a modern classic because this follow-up is best forgotten and consigned to the “regrettable sequel” dungeon.

Toula (Vardalos) and Ian (John Corbett) are now the proud parents of moody, gothy 17-year-old Paris (Elena Kampouris). From the opening scene involving grandfather Gus (Michael Constantine), both Toula and Paris are subjected to the same, lame “marry-or-you’ll-turn-ugly” gag that the entire first film was built upon. Toula and Ian are trying to spark up their marriage while also bracing themselves for Paris’s possible move away to college. But the brand title requires that an aisle be walked down. The honour falls to Gus and equally boorish Greek-immigrant-stereotype partner Maria (Lainie Kazan) whose original marriage, it emerges, was never legally signed off on.

The only remarkable thing about all of this is that nothing fresh has been brought to the table after all these years. Gus, Maria and Aunt Voula (Andrea Martin) trade in lurid clangers and old-school snobbery. The elderlies squint confusedly at technology and it’s meant to be comedy. Did you say pre-wedding hiccup? There is a tiresome succession here, all solved by the gaggling family committee and all swooped upon to the incessant strum of Greek folk guitar.

Humourless tosh.


First published in the Sunday Independent


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Hilary A White

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