This is the airing cupboard/notice board/soapbox/scrapbook of the freelance arts journalist and writer, Hilary A White. HAW is published weekly in Ireland’s largest paper, the Sunday Independent, almost weekly in the Irish Independent and regularly in State.ie. He has turned up in lots of publications, some sadly no longer with us, some that never looked back. Much like reading DBC Pierre or talking to girls, live national radio no longer brings him out in a sweat like it once did. He is passionate about film, music, books, travel, wildlife, rugby and food but who isn’t. He is a sparviter and if you know what that is you’ll go a bit easier on him when you next cross his path. He edits an international falconry publication which is a labour of love he does solely for the glamorous perks it affords. He’d love to tell you more but he has to pop out for a national radio slot, a press screening, some web TV filming, a live Q&A with a filmmaker, a subediting shift, or whatever it is he’s at today. Did I mention he’s quite good at subediting?


Email: hylwhite@gmail.com
Twitter: @HAWhiteK


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